Some cars catch our eye.
Others our mind.

Some cars capture our emotions.
Others our thoughts.

Some cars give us goose bumps.
Others purpose.


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We combine the most iconic cars with the best propulsion technology.

We fuse the analogue with the digital.

the fossil with the renewable.

the old with the new.

the fury and the silence.

We are Leiser.
Electric since tomorrow.

The Leiser story started with a simple question: Why do our dream cars still burn fossil fuels?

It is the story of three men and their team of highly skilled enthusiasts with a shared passion for beautiful automobiles. We believe in a renewable-energy future, and we have a vision of giving the vehicles we love the drivetrain they deserve.

It is the result of acknowledging that none of the cars out there meet our personal criteria for design, driving experience, technology – and for contemporary zeitgeist.

It is the solution to the dilemma between the timelessness of automotive icons and the obsolete concept of burning fossil fuels to drive them.

Dominik Ashkar – Samuel Schneider – Robin Sebastian Hoefler

We love iconic cars.

But we know they can do better!

Better by burning no fossil fuels.

Better by using renewable energy.

Better by leveraging their cultural weight
to drive the change of mind.

Better by Leiser.

We believe the greatest cars are electric. We believe the greatest cars are electric.