How do you
electrify an icon?

Dear Friends,Electrifying a classic car is nothing revolutionary.

But how do you electrify an icon?

In developing the LSR, we found ourselves fighting the fundamental prejudice voiced by any Porsche traditionalist: it can seem fundamentally impossible to remove the core components of a 911 – engine, transmission, exhaust system – while maintaining and even increasing the joy of driving this car.

To resolve this dilemma, we were inspired by none other than Porsche itself. Rather than just replacing all the internal combustion components with their electric counterparts, we aimed to electrify the car’s soul. This mindset guided our every decision, from engineering of our custom motor hold all the way through battery placement and the selection of interior and exterior components.

For example, by adding a limited slip differential – technically not necessary and non-typical for an electric car, let alone a conversion – we can take corners the way they are supposed to be taken in a 911 every now and then. In order to take that perfect drift, and to fine-tune the driving experience to our desired level of precision, we created our own “central nervous system” centered around our custom-built battery management system (BMS). With a completely redesigned wire harness, all the individual components are brought to life.

As we are drawing closer to the launch of our first car, we will keep sharing more background as to why we believe the LSR is so much more than just the sum of its parts – more than just another electric conversion.

Silently yours, 
Samuel, Dominik, Robin